NSWPL Stories: Daisy Williams

Daisy Williams

Daisy Williams has just completed her MA in Journalism at City University of New York. In what is surely a dream come true, she is currently interning at Rolling Stone magazine. We featured her when she first left on exchange to the US in 2016. “Feeling a very full circle moment 5 years later!” she says.

Daisy’s been with us since 2005, when her father Senior Constable John Williams died. She learned a lot about the world from him, and says her favourite memory of him is the two of them watching The Simpsons together. “He always had the loudest, booming laugh and I remember sometimes not getting the jokes but when he laughed, cackling along… it must be funny if it could make him laugh this hard.”

She’s incredibly grateful to have had the support of the NSWPL family for that time, and knows that it’s given her (and her sister) enormous assistance in going into their chosen fields and thriving as young professional women. However, she reflects the views of a lot of Police Legatees when she says it’s a bittersweet experience. “No one wishes to be in this club, but we are so grateful to have it.”

Her time in the US has shaped her in more ways than one, and it’s clear she’s still passionate about the Police Family. “…it’s undeniable police brutality is a national conversation. I’d love to extend that conversation to anyone in the NSWPL family to make sure we are upholding a system that is in practice and systemically fair and just.”

Daisy, I’m sure it’s a conversation you’ll find many takers for!

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