NSW Police Legatee Stories

Our NSW Police Legatees are an amazing bunch, and over the years it's been our privilege to get to know some of their stories in more depth. Click on a Legatee's name to read their story.


  • Harris Landgraf spoke to us in November 2023 about plumbing, Kokoda, and everything in between
  • Deb Anderson spoke to us in September 2023 about her "boots and all" approach to life
  • Sean Tobin spoke to us in July 2023 about his long journey with Police Legacy
  • Fiona Lynch spoke to us in March 2023 about her tough love journey
  • Edna Burton spoke to us in January 2023 about the absolutely central place of family in her life, and her superstar son Phil Burton


  • Brendon Speechley spoke to us in November 2022 about growing up in the Police Legacy family, cricket, and Kokoda
  • Emma Jane Scott spoke to us in July 2022 about growing up in a policing family, and then becoming part of the NSW Police Legacy family
  • Muriel Roy spoke to us in May 2022 about her long journey with NSW Police Legacy, and with The Bear Ladies
  • Warren Proops spoke to us in March 2022 about doing the Kokoda Trek twice, and what fatherhood means to him


  • Caitlin Robinson spoke to us in November 2021 about the change in pace taking up a policing position in Wagga Wagga.
  • Josh McDonald spoke to us in September 2021 on the eve of taking up his baseball scholarship at Arizona Western College.
  • Margie Richardson spoke to us in August 2021 about finding the friendship and the family of NSW Police Legacy.
  • Margie Behan spoke to us in May 2021 about finding the strength to ask for help, and walking the Kokoda Trek with her son.
  • John Pirie spoke to us in March 2021 about his 60-year journey with (and without) the NSW Police Legacy family.
  • Daisy Williams spoke to us in January 2021 about her exciting new world interning at Rolling Stone Magazine in New York City.
  • Ainsley Baker spoke to us in January 2021 about finishing the HSC and what she was planning to do next.