Solo Parents/Legatees

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The Community Support Manager Leisa Doherty (phone 02 9060 0701) is deeply connected with our legatee community and provides a diverse range of programs to support the individual needs of our solo parents and legatees. She aims to strengthen the legatee family’s support and social networks, as well as enhancing the parent/child relationship impacted by the circumstances of the death of a family member.

With her extensive network and connection to support services she can provide a range of referrals to address feelings of grief and loss; feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed, and isolated; and parenting support.


Grief and Bereavement psychological referrals: NSWPL can assist by offering payment for six sessions and guiding you through how to obtain a mental health plan from your GP.

Parenting programs: We understand the complexities a family experiences with the loss of a family member. We have various parenting programs available for you to utilise either online or face to face.

Wellbeing programs: The importance of looking after yourself cannot be underestimated. There are wellbeing programs offered throughout the year – online and in person. If you are interested, reach out for further information.

What is wellbeing for our solo parents? It is not just about eating well and exercising. Everyone will tell you that. It is about getting up in the morning and functioning. It may mean just getting out of bed and staying out of bed the whole day. How do you do that? How to keep the house in order and the children going to school? These are the difficult tasks that have fallen soley back on you to do. We understand, and have resources to help.

You will see throughout this website sentences like “Reach out, we are only a phone call away.” We mean it. We have resources to support you. A Life Admin book is only a book, but when you share with Leisa the issues you are having she will support you until you feel you are back to functioning.

Social connection events: These events are provided throughout the year to offer an opportunity to come together with other legatees who have a shared lived experience. This can bring comfort but also provide an insight into how to move forward, and a chance to develop friendships with people who understand. 

Education Upskilling – Education Grants: After a partner dies the loss of the income can be devastating to the family. We provide an upskilling education grant to assist you in furthering your career, gaining a promotion or changing direction in employment. If this is something you are interested in reach out to Leisa for further details.

Special Assistance Grants: These grants can be provided to assist with driving lessons, psychological support, educational support, and also if you find yourself in necessitous circumstances.

Accredited financial advisor support service: If you require financial advice we can refer you to an accredited financial advisor in your area. This service is free of charge.

Advocacy support: If you need assistance with government departments, solicitors, superannuation, filling out forms, and other local services, we can support you.

Be Connected: If technology is getting ahead of you and you need a little help, there is a government run initiative to assist people to enhance their skills with technology. Be Connected has online tutorials on everything from email to searching the web and staying safe online.


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