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Our Community Support Youth Officer Lauren Smith supports our 0-25-year-olds. Lauren attends all our children’s/youth programs, camps and events. Lauren can be contacted via email or phone 9060 0713.

Lauren aims to enrich the lives of the children and young people who come into our care. She offers specialised support services and early intervention for grief and bereavement. She offers opportunities to children that they might have otherwise missed with the loss of a parent.

Research shows that the loss of a parent at a young age can have significant impact on the life of a child/young adult. All programs are aimed to meet the needs of our young legatees, ensure sustainable change, and improve long term positive social outcomes.


Transition to Employment Program: NSWPL offers assistance with resume and cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile writing, assistance with job applications and interview prep.

Psychological Support: NSWPL can assist by covering the cost of six counselling sessions. We can also work with the legatee to find the most appropriate and specialised support. For additional support services and websites, please go to our Resource Hub

Education Grants: NSWPL offers education grants to legatees aged up to 25 years old who are enrolled in study, including day care, primary school, secondary school, TAFE, University and Apprenticeships. Download the form from our Forms page.

Driving Lessons: NSWPL can cover the cost of ten driving lessons for legatees who are learning to drive.

Safe Driver Program: Every year NSWPL collaborates with Traffic and Highway Patrol to run the Safe Driver course. The Safe Driver Course provides opportunities for legatees to learn more about road and car safety as well as having the opportunity to meet Highway Patrol Officers.

Online Meetups: Monthly online meetups are available for legatees to come together and make and maintain friendships. The online meetups are a relaxed space where legatees catch up and play games online.

Mentoring Program: Many of our legatees aged 23+ are in a stage of their journey where self-efficiency, empowerment, independence, and stability are evident. These legatees have recognised that NSW Police Legacy have played a big part in reaching this stage and are wanting to give back to the Police Legacy family. Our Mentoring Program pairs legatees aged 23+ with younger legatees who may need some extra support and someone to connect with who understands what they are going through with the aim of enhancing social and emotional wellbeing.

Kids’ Camp: Every year NSWPL holds two kids’ camps open to legatees aged 8-18. The kids’ camps allow legatees to make friendship and connect through shared experiences.

18-25s Camp: Our 18-25s camp is held annually and is a great way for our legatees to stay connected with friends they have made through Police Legacy, and to create new friendships in this new stage of life.

Holiday Workshops: During the school holidays, NSWPL run Holiday Workshops to provide opportunities for legatees to stay connected and learn new skills, like arts and crafts, mindfulness, etc.

Bullying Prevention Resources: NSWPL encourage all legatees to treat others with respect and dignity. When made aware of a legatee who is experiencing bullying either in person or online, we can work with them through the below programs to overcome challenges when faced with bullying:


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