Meet the Community Support Team

The Community Support Team works hard to develop and maintain long-lasting relationships with the families they support and offer programs, services, and support to meet the individual needs of a police legatee throughout all stages of their lives.

The team conduct welfare checks and regularly act as advocates to help support legatees to access information, resources and make referrals to support services. Funding is provided for counselling and other support services. We also partner with external organisations such as The National Centre for Childhood Grief to assist young children and their families in need of guidance and support. 

Leisa Doherty, Community Support Manager: 02 9060 0701 

Nicole Hawick, Community Support Officer: 02 9060 0717 

Lauren Smith, Community Support Youth Officer: 02 9060 0713

Annette Dunn, Community Events Coordinator: 02 9060 0705