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We understand the complex and difficult emotions that you are feeling after the death of your loved one. We are here to ensure no legatee coming into our care is left feeling isolated or alone.

The Community Support team is a specialised team, and includes a Community Support Manager, Community Support Officer, and Community Support Youth Officer. We are here to provide a listening ear and nonjudgmental support to you, and we have the knowledge, experience, and training to offer a holistic, person-centred approach, ensuring you have the flexibility to access services in a manner that is best suited to your situation.

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L-R: Leisa Doherty, Annette Dunn, Lauren Smith (not pictured - Nicole Hawick)


Leisa Doherty, Community support Manager

Leisa has been with NSW Police Legacy for the past six years. Leisa is the Manager of the Community Support team but also supports the families, solo parents, and legatees under the age of 65.

Nicole Hawick, Community Support Officer (Seniors)

Nicole has been working at NSWPL for the past two years, and supports our senior legatees aged from 65 and above.

Lauren Smith, Community Support Officer (Children and Youth)

Lauren began working with NSW Police Legacy in 2022, and supports our children and youth, from 0 to 25 years.

Annette Dunn, Community Events Coordinator

Annette has been with NSW Police Legacy for the past seven years. She runs the community events including Family Day, Christmas Luncheon, and the Adventure Camps.


There are many different aspects of person-centred support we provide, including:

  • Respecting legatees’ values and putting them at the centre of care
  • Considering legatees’ preferences and expressed needs
  • Coordinating and integrating personalised care and support services
  • Working together to make sure there is good communication, information, and education
  • Ensuring people are physically comfortable and safe
  • Ensuring emotional support and understanding
  • Offering access to grief and bereavement support when needed
  • Empowering our legatees and strengthening their resilience in their grief journey
  • Encouraging participation in social connection events held throughout the state
  • Increasing a sense of community and inclusion to combat social isolation


The support and needs of our legatee children and young adults are very different to those of our solo parents/legatees and senior legatees. To ensure that we provide targeted support to all our legatees we have three portfolios: Children and Youth, Solo Parents/Legatees, and Senior Legatees (65+).

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The programs, services and support we offer are bespoke, and tailored to the individual needs of our legatees. We work in partnership with local support organisations to ensure holistic, person-centered support is offered to meet the needs of our individual legatees.
Meaningful support when you need it.

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