About Us

About NSW Police Legacy

NSW Police Legacy is a strong and compassionate 'profit for purpose' organisation providing services to police legatees and members of the wider police family across the State. Today, Police Legacy enhances the lives of approximately 1,000 police legatees by providing professional and compassionate support to the families who have suffered a loss through the provision of meaningful benefits, services and advocacy. 

We envision a caring, inclusive and supportive police family where no partner or child of a deceased or former serving officer will ever feel forgotten or in need. 

The NSW Police Force is Australia's largest police organisation and one of the biggest in the English speaking world. It is a large and diverse workforce with close to 16,500 dedicated serving police officers and approximately 3,000 unsworn officers who protect our community around the clock. The police family extends far and wide, and encompasses not only our serving and retired police, but also their families. 

NSW Police Legacy was established as an Association in 1987 to care for the police family. We became incorporated in 1991 and for more than 30 years we have been providing both financial assistance and compassionate support to our police families. 

We take pride in being an inclusive organisation. Regardless of whether a police officer was serving or retired, or the circumstances of their death, our obligation is to those left behind - our Police Legatees.