30th Anniversary

Established in 1987

Getting Started

NSW Police Legacy was founded by then Deputy Commissioner Barney Ross, and President of the Police Association of NSW Lloyd Taylor, when they identified a need to support the families of deceased Police Officers. Services Legacy, now called Legacy Australia was seen as a model which could be implemented for Police.

Key stakeholders included Minister for Police, Commissioner of Police and the Police Association. An initial contribution of $50,000 from the NSW Premier enabled NSW Police Legacy to be formed and its office established in the Police Association building on Elizabeth Street in Sydney. Key founding members included Barney Ross, Lloyd Taylor, Ron Alexander and Geoff Green.  

The assistance of the Police Association was vital in the early days as the vast majority of serving members belonged to the organisation. The support of the Police Association has contributed enormously to the ongoing success of Police Legacy throughout the years, and only recently, the Elizabeth Street office was expanded to accommodate the growing business.


To recognise the vital role police officers play in protecting internal security, and ensure a commitment to remembering the service and dedication of deceased police officers and their families; our police legatees.

The Police Family

NSW Police Legacy developed a deep and meaningful commitment to the notion of Police Family and quite simply, aimed to provide police legatees with:

  • A sense of belonging to the police family
  • A group with whom to celebrate special occasions
  • Support for the education of dependent legatees (children 21 years and under)

 First Benefits & Services

  • Birthday and Christmas cards and cheques
  • Education grants from pre-school to University
  • An initial School holiday camp for children
  • Inaugural Christmas Luncheon 

Historical Highlights

1987  NSW Police Legacy was founded by Deputy Commissioner Barney Ross and President of the Police Association of NSW, Lloyd Taylor after identifying a need to support the families of deceased police officers.
1989  NSW Police Legacy took over the administration of Legatee Trust Funds arising from the Police Association of NSW Death Benefit Scheme
1990  First Trust Deed with the Police Association of NSW signed. NSW Police Legacy became a Company Limited by Guarantee. First Annual General Meeting was held.
1992  Commissioner Tony Lauer formally acknowledged NSW Police Legacy as an important entity in the overall support of the NSW Police Force and its members. 
1993  The first National Police Legacy Conference held in Victoria to build relationships between State-based Legacies.
1994  First inaugural Police Legacy Children’s Camp was held in Canberra and included police legatees from Victoria Police Legacy.
1997  Police Chaplains were approved to provide assistance to NSW Police Legacy.
1998  First edition of the Child Safety Handbook, a publication focused on raising awareness of child safety was published.
2000  NSW Police Legacy was invited to be a part of the Planning Committee for the Police Memorial in Sydney.
2002  Inaugural Glenn McEnallay Memorial Dinner, held in memory of Senior Constable Glenn McEnallay who was shot on duty. This later became the Annual Blue Ribbon Ball.
2004  First meeting in Canberra for the development of the National Police Memorial. $2.5M was granted by the government for a memorial for police officers killed on duty.
2006  Inaugural NSW Police Legacy Kokoda Trek
2015  NSW Police Legacy was awarded management of the Police Benevolent Fund, a fund created circa 1930 to assist police officers in necessitous circumstances.
2016  As a result of $2M Government funding, the NSW Police Legacy BACKUP for Life program was launched.
2017 NSW Police Legacy celebrates its 30th birthday!

Watch this space as details on our timeline continue to roll out...