Beyond the Badge Career Transition Program 25 - 28 February 2020

Beyond the Badge Career Transition Program

Specifically for former police and transitioning police (with a firm exit date)
25 - 28 February 2020

• Prepare your resume
• Create a LinkedIn Profile
• Prepare for job interviews
• Network with leading Australian-based companies
• Prepare for your first six weeks at work
+ Ongoing mentor support


This program is designed in partnership with leading Australian companies who recognise the unique skills and competencies of Police Officers and the potential to utilise those traits within the corporate environment. The program is available to all former NSW Police Officers who are looking to transition to an alternative career.

This four-day intensive incorporates onsite visits to leading companies as part of the learning and networking opportunity. You will hear from Senior Executives, Department Representatives and Heads of Recruitment in relation to the career opportunities available, as well as recruitment processes.

Days 1-2 focus on skill and competency development, providing candidates with exposure to recruitment heads and industry experts. Days 3-4 provide networking opportunities with corporate partners in their work environments.

The program is facilitated by former Police Officers Simon Bradstock (ex-NSW Police) and Sean Haran (ex-WA Police) who have transitioned into corporate careers with a combined experience of over 35 years.

Costs for the program are covered, including morning tea and lunch. A small amount of pre-course work will be required, as will a small amount of work out of hours each day of the course. Business casual (with jacket) is required to be worn each day.

To apply:

Via email ( or phone (02) 9264 4531


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