BACKUP Profile: Scott Clancy

There are many reasons people might leave the Police Force. One of the tasks of BACKUP for Life is to ensure that any officer considering this transition has the help they need (and the support they deserve) to make this process as smooth as possible.

Scott Clancy (formerly Senior Constable Clancy of St George LAC) attended the BACKUP for Life Expo in late 2017. The EXPO – which will run again this year on 1 November – has stalls and information from many different providers of career help and advice, and provides solid alternatives for police thinking of transitioning out of the force.

At the Expo, Scott was referred to BACKUP for Life by an adviser from the police deployment unit. From here, he attended the first Career Confidence Workshop held by BACKUP. This workshop is designed not only to build self-confidence and job skills, but to help participants recognise the skills they already have which can be transferred from the policing world.

After attending the workshop, Scott was referred to private career coaching. The mentor that Scott was assigned helped him to realise that he had a strong interest in community care positions. It’s a jump that makes a lot of sense. “It’s like policing,” he says. “Just a different version of helping people.”

From here, the two worked on refining Scott’s resume, coaching him through the application and interview process, and redefining his existing skillset in such a way that he could feel confident to approach potential employers. An opportunity came up, and with his newly-focussed resume and application, Scott landed an interview.

“It was pretty intense,” says Scott, of his first interview in more than fifteen years. “But it went really well.” So well, in fact that he is now working with the organisation two days a week as a mentor, with an eye to increasing his days in the near future.

Like a lot of police officers, Scott initially thought that working in policing might be the only career he would ever have, and the idea of moving into some other world was daunting. But now, working as a mentor (and loving it), and also undergoing further training through an online Diploma in Community Service, Scott is living proof that with a little assistance, and a lot of personal courage, making a change can be the start of something wonderful. Congratulations Scott, and we hope your journey can be an inspiration to others!


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