What We Do

Every year more members of the police family sadly become part of our Police Legacy family. Services and programs are designed, implemented, and evaluated to meet the holistic needs of those we support and to provide enrichment throughout all stages of their lives.
Our Community Support Team develop and nurture long-lasting relationships with our Legatee families. The team offer specialised care and support and ensure that Legatees do not face grief, bereavement, and life challenges alone.

Meaningful support services, programs, benefits and advocacy are provided through a framework of continuous improvement to demonstrate our social impact and to respond to the developing needs of our Legatees of all ages.

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Financial & Welfare Assistance

We provide education and welfare grants, scholarship opportunities, and assistance to our police legacy families experiencing grief, loss, and those facing circumstances in which extra financial support is required.

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Counselling & Referral Program

We provide referrals to other social support services based on the individual needs of our families. These may include bereavement and grief counselling, and other support networks appropriate to the individual circumstance.

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Children & Family programs

We provide opportunities for our families to connect and form life-long friendships through the many social events we organise, including children's camps, the annual Kokoda Trek, and the Parents of Police Officer Support Network.

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Aged Care Programs

The needs and priorities of our police legatees change as they advance in age. We offer specialised support services for our elderly legatees including Care Alert funding, and individual welfare checks and assessments.

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Community Engagement

We organise local area lunches in 25 regions across the State to give our families the opportunity to come together and share their lived experiences. We run activities through the year that allow our families to connect.

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BACKUP for Life

BACKUP for Life supported former and transitioning NSW Police Officers and their families with counselling services, mentorship programs, health and well-being workshops, and career confidence and job seeking skills.