Westfield Local Heroes

June 2019

The Westfield Local Heroes program gives our volunteers the chance to be awarded $10,000 for NSW Police Legacy. We have nominated three of our volunteers:

Alan Baker

Alan is one of our BACKUP for Life Mentors, acting as an advisor with lived experience of trauma as a result of his 30-year policing career, helping other former NSW police officers in his local community. He has also been a volunteer at the St John of God Hospital for the last nine years, helping former military, paramedics, and police with their PTSD.

Betty Jordan

Betty is a Police Legatee, and has organised the Gosford Local Area Lunches for many years. She is a driving force and a force of compassion, and her efforts have united the police widows in her area. She has also organised monthly morning teas independent of Police Legacy, and created a strong support network for our many elderly Police Legatees, where her warmth and her passion for helping others has achieved wonders.

Philippa Woolf

Philippa has been volunteering with Police Legacy for over 8 years, hosting Local Area Lunches in the Newcastle region and going above and beyond to prevent our elderly Police Legatees from becoming socially isolated. She personally organises the sponsorship of the coach bringing Police Legatees to the annual Christmas Luncheon, and also acts as the support person on the coach. As a retired Police Inspector, she bring invaluable insight and empathy to her caring role.