Reuniting Memories

February 2021

When the National Police Memorial in Canberra was commemorated on Police Remembrance Day 29 September 2006, duplicates were made of the touchstones that were placed there. NSW Police Legacy has had these entrusted into our care, and we are now beginning the process of returning them to their families.

At the end of last year we returned touchstones to Muriel Roy, champion bear maker of Police Wives and Friends, and John Pirie, organiser of the Bathurst/Orange Local Area Lunch, who was just 4 years old when his father was killed on duty. We also returned stones to Sarah Bates, Kerry McGrath, and Tracy Holt, to Anne Hayden, to Bert Hawkes, and to Judy Kilkeary – all of whom were incredibly moved to receive these mementos. We will be continuing this process all this year, so watch our social media for more reminders of this simple fact: we will never forget