The Kokoda Trek is back!

March 2023

After a mountainous pause for Covid, the Kokoda Trek is back, and our intrepid trekkers are ready to make the pilgrimage! From 13-26 April, a small group of Police Legatees and others from the Police Family (including our courageous Board Member John Yates) will be walking the historic track through the mountains of Papua New Guinea.

Huge thanks to the trekkers from 2020, who joined the team and raised more than $15,000 in donations before circumstances forced us to cancel. Their efforts allowed us to finance another four Police Legatees to take part in this life-changing adventure. Even though not everybody who signed up that fateful year can make the trek this time, their efforts are still having positive effects!

You can read about the trekkers (and support their fundraising efforts) here.