Social Connection Events: 2021 Update

September 2021

Our Social Connections Lunches got off to a great start this year. There was a very high level of attendance at each event, thanks undoubtedly to no lunches in 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions. The mood has been joyful and has reinforced the importance of these lunches for all of us. The old adage You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone has certainly rung true, and the joy that people have felt being together again has been truly heartfelt.

At the time of writing, of course, we are back in a period of uncertainty and lockdown, but we know that we’ve done this before and will get through, supporting each other along the way.

Our Social Connection Lunches have been held for more than 30 years now, and many strong friendships have been forged. Police Legatees have also told us that settling into a new region has been made easier through attending their new lunch, allowing them to instantly establish connections in the area. We are continuing to expand our reach, and had our first Dubbo lunch in May, with ongoing lunches planned there. We will also hold our first Nowra lunch as soon as COVID restrictions permit.

We hold around eighty Social Connection Lunches annually and they couldn’t happen without the support of our fantastic group of volunteers who go above and beyond to make the events (and the connections we are trying to achieve) such a success. They truly care about our Legatees, keep in touch with them, and work with us to connect new Legatees with people in their local area. They never miss a lunch, they’re our eyes and ears in their area, they often help us to deliver support services that individual Legatees might need, and we’re all so grateful. From all of us, we send you all a huge Thank You!

Please note: due to current NSW lockdown restrictions, we are unable to confirm which lunches are going ahead for the rest of the year. Please check the Social Connections Lunch Page for details, or contact Community Support Officer Nicole Hawick on 9060 0717 for details.