Sharon Clark is Returning & Earning!

September 2021

In the face of the worst bushfires in living memory, some people felt despair. Sergeant Sharon Clark felt she had to do something. And she did – enthusiastically persuading her colleagues to join her in supporting Return & Earn, an initiative that recycles bottles and cans while simultaneously raising money for charity. After raising considerable funds for bushfire relief, she decided to change course, and luckily for us, turned her attention and energy to NSW Police Legacy. Since then, her drive and organisational skills have sent more than $2,000 in our direction.

Supporting NSW Police Legacy is a natural choice for a police command, and at Liverpool PAC there are a lot of people personally involved since Tim Proctor’s tragic death in 2019. “We’re now invested in little Proctor’s future,” says Sharon. It’s not just money that people are raising, it’s support for Dexter, and all the other kids like him who have lost a parent. Sharon has another very personal reason to support us. “We all take this risk when we come to work… If I know that my daughter is going to be looked after in the way that the Proctor family is, that’s comforting to me.”

In the early days, Sharon would collect giant bags of bottles and cans from the station, throw them into her car wrapped in a tarp to protect it from the mess, and take them to her local Return and Earn machine. On her day off. She’s now organised a local recycling company to come directly to the station to collect them all, and every few weeks we receive the donation. What’s more, Sharon, is keen to get all commands around the state signed up to the scheme. She is, truly, a powerhouse, and we truly appreciate her work!

Sharon’s story is one of dedication, and we’re hoping she can inspire you to get your own system going! There are Return & Earn machines all over the city, and if you download the barcode and follow the instructions on our website, any returns you make not only help the planet, but help the Police Family too! Click here for all the details