Gwen Martin: Blazing a Trail

December 2019

In October we played host to a meeting of the Retired Police Association, and had the pleasure of being introduced to Gwen Martin, a trailblazing policewoman who joined the NSW Police Force in 1960 - one of three women in a class of ninety. She's been retired for nearly thirty years now, but has many fond and colourful memories of her time in the Force.

Gwen worked in many different capacities – everything from traffic control to the drug squad – before undertaking the Detectives' Training Course in 1971, finishing 4th in the class. From there she moved to Parramatta, working her way up through the ranks before becoming the first female member of the Police Association to be elected to the Executive, and eventually attaining the rank of Inspector at the Police Internal Affairs Branch, remaining there until her retirement in 1990.

Gwen, we salute you, and the example you have given for so many young women joining the proud NSW Police Force!