October 2023

NSW Police Legacy is delighted to be working more closely with the The Retired and Former Police Association of NSW (RFPA), To find out more about the RFPA, please click through to their website.

Statement from the RFPA:


“The Retired and Former Police Association of NSW (RFPA) & NSW Police Legacy have joined hands in supporting the families of police officers who have suffered a loss in addition to supporting the families of retired officers once they are out of the force.  The RFPA have many members who are widows, widowers, partners, and some children who are also NSW Police Legacy Legatees. 
NSW Police Legacy has many ‘Champions’ who are currently serving, supporting the families of police and they have recently approached RFPA State Committee Vice President Beth Docksey, a legatee herself, to be the RFPA Legacy Champion. In accepting this role, it focuses on championing the cause and working with retired and former officers to continue to support NSW Police Legacy after they have left the job. Many former police officers, during their service, supported NSW Police Legacy with fortnightly donations direct from their salary to enable them to support the families after their loss, and the RFPA is now focusing on supporting NSW Police Legacy into the future by asking their members to assist with fund raising. We look forward to working with NSW Police Legacy.”