Remembrance Bike Ride Profile: Anthony Lloyd

March 2019

Anthony Lloyd doesn’t seem too phased by the idea of a 300km bike ride. “It’s downhill all the way to Canberra, right?”

I’ve just learned that he’s never done a ride on the scale of the Remembrance Bike Ride and I feel his attitude may be slightly foolhardy. Then I discover that he does a 40km ride before work “once or twice a week” and a 70km ride “most Sundays”. It’s all about the perspective, really.

He’s embraced the challenge and will work to raise what he can for the cause.

And working in the NSW Police Force was enough to give him plenty of that. Anthony served  between 1987 and 1997, serving in General Duties before moving to police prosecutions (he’s now a partner with Minter Ellison). Those years in GD, though, were enough to show him how difficult policing can be, and the toll it can take on even the toughest person. A colleague on highway patrol was killed on duty; another struggled with PTSD.

He knows the policing world, he knows the toll it can take, and he is keen to support the work that NSW Police Legacy does to support members of the police family who may need it. A mate of his has taken part for the last few years and has finally talked him into taking the plunge. He’s embraced the challenge and will work to raise what he can for the cause. He’s no stranger to working towards the greater good, having been a White Ribbon Ambassador since 2015.

Anthony graduated from Class 232, and still sees his classmates about town now and then. He’s riding for them, and he’s riding for everyone who knows what it’s like to be police, or to be a part of the police family.


Registrations for the ride are now closed, but your riders need your support! Click here to support Anthony's fundraising efforts.