Pedal for Pam

November 2019

On Wednesday 16 October, in what can only be described as the end of an epic journey, Senior Constable Anthony New rolled onto the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House, to be greeted with resounding applause from his assembled colleagues, family, and friends. In 37 days of cycling, Anthony rode more than 4,000 kms from Perth to Sydney, and raised more than $17,000 for his police colleague Pam Sutton, who had been battling cancer for nearly five years. Tragically, Pam passed away towards the end of Anthony’s ride, but her family were there to greet him with warm praise and deep thanks for his efforts. The funds raised have since been given to Pam’s family to help with funeral costs. Much love to you Pam, and much respect to you Anthony – officially now a coast-to-coaster!