Mounted Unit Open Day 2018

December 2018

We had a great crowd at the Mounted Unit Open Day in Redfern! With close to 2,000 people through the historic red brick gates, we had a wonderful time chatting with families and spreading the word about Police Legacy. (We have to admit to feeling just a little jealous of the stall next door to ours, whose turnover of apples and carrots to feed the hardworking horses was something to behold).

Throughout the day there were demonstrations from the Mounted Unit, showing off the incredible skills of both horses and riders. We were taken through some of the training the horses undergo to prevent them from being startled by noisy and unpredictable crowds; the ways they are trained to assist in arrests; and the ways they are used to assist in crowd control situations. It was both educational and awe-inspiring.

With the sweet smells of hay and horse dung mixing with the sweet smells of incense from the Taoist temple close by, it was a great day out for all, and we encourage anyone who didn’t make it this time to get along next year.