Meet Nala

March 2022

Meet the newest addition to the Williams family: Nala. She is an ex-PTSD assistance dog who was in need of a new home. Her original carer, Julie Nixon, herself a NSW Police Legatee, needed to rehome her, and particularly wanted her to go to a loving Legacy household where she could give and receive the comfort that she is trained for. Enter the Williams family! Once the swap had been arranged via Facetime (how very 2022), Julie drove down from her QLD home, the Williams family drove up from their NSW home, and the Nala-swap took place in Port Macquarie. Everybody involved is thrilled - mum, kids, and dog! “Nala is the cutest and best girl! The kids are in love.”


Ed’s note: this happy story came about thanks to Legacy Connect, a private Facebook group for NSW Police Legatees only. Join us if you haven’t already!