Life Member Paul Martin

February 2020

At the end of last year we had the privilege of adding Chief Inspector Paul Martin’s name to our Honour Roll, and conferring upon him Life Membership of NSW Police Legacy. Paul served for 13 years on our Board (2006-19), working diligently and with determination to improve conditions and services for our Police Legatees, particularly in the last 5 years in which the organisation has grown significantly.

It is in his role as camp supervisor, however, that his commitment really shines. He has worked as head supervisor for the last 8 years (general supervisor for the last 12) – always on his own time and without financial reward – and his energetic, thoughtful, caring positivity has had an enormously powerful impact on our Police Legatee families. He has always played a key role in organising the activities that make the camps so fun and exciting, and just as importantly he has been central in creating an atmosphere in which our young Legatees feel safe and accepted for who they are, and for the unique life experiences they share. Thank you Chief Inspector Paul Martin.


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