Kids' Adventure Camp - July 2023

September 2023

We call our kids’ camps “Adventure Camps”, and they never fail to live up to their name.

This year, the July 12-18-year-old camp was held at the Narrabeen Sports and Rec Centre. With twenty-six NSW Police Legatees and seven AFP Legatees, the bonds between the two groups were even further strengthened. “They don’t care where they’re from, they just get along!” says Leisa. We also had five new legatees join us for their first camp, all of whom said they couldn’t wait to come back for the next one.

Activities at camp included hiking, damper making, archery, and dodgeball. Lighting a campfire using only flint and steel proved as popular as ever, and Indi won that contest hands down. Somehow a game of nerf arrow shooting evolved into a game of hunt Craig Partridge, but our ex-Acting Chair seemed to take it in his stride. (Many strides!)

Offsite, activities included a wet but fun day at Taronga Zoo (including a surprise visit from the Indonesian Prime Minister, and a chance for our Legatees to admire up close the work of the NSWPF security detail), a relaxed sail on Sydney Harbour followed by an adrenaline-pumping ride on the ThunderJet boat (again, a thorough soaking had by all). And the highest of highlights had to be the Harbour Bridge Climb, where a spontaneous Backstreet Boys rendition helped soothe even the most height-stricken Legatee.

Goodbyes are always hard, and this time they were particularly heartfelt as Jack from AFPL and Ellie from NSWPL said their final farewells to Kids’ Camp. The good news for them, of course, is that they now “graduate” to 18-25s camp!

Reminder: on 1-3 December, we are holding our Family Camp at Glenworth Valley, and all are welcome to attend. It’s going to be a great chance to spend time with your family and our family, and relax with each other. Your only cost will be hiring tent space. Please contact Leisa to register, on 9060 0701 or email: