Kids' Adventure Camp: Jan 2023

March 2023

Leaving without a single last-minute change of plans for the first time in three years (not a flood, not a fire, not a lockdown to be seen), our Police Legatee kids got away to the January Adventure Camp without a hitch. There wasn’t even a flight delay to hold up our 36 young people getting to the recreation centre in Broken Bay.

And when they arrived there was plenty of fun to be had! The sun shone every day – perfect weather for the plethora of water activities and outdoor sports that our hardworking Community Support Team had planned. Archery was one of the favourite activities, and with the help of our sensational camp supervisors, even the younger kids managed to get bullseyes most of the time.

Despite the nonstop fun that most kids have on camp, it can be difficult at times when homesickness strikes – especially for those who are braving the big adventure for the first time. The camaraderie and care that the older or more-experienced Legatees gave to the new kids was simply beautiful to see. In fact, it was this care shown particularly strongly that earned Angelique Rhodes her Tara’s Gift Award.

The highlight activity of the week was a visit from the NSW Water Police, with every Legatee getting to have a ride on their shiny machine. We were taken across to admire the seal colony, with some of the kids getting a turn driving the boat on the way.

But as always, the building of friendships was the most important part of camp. To watch all the Legatees come together – everyone from eight to eighteen years old – to make sure that nobody was left behind was truly wonderful. Such an important and integral part of the recovery of these very special kids.