July Kids' Camp 2022

September 2022

After two and a half years of uncertainty, we thought we’d finally broken Covid’s curse. Fate had other plans, however, and half the group stalled before they could get started, spending all of one day and most of the next at Sydney airport, before finally taking off on Sunday evening. The drama didn’t stop in the air either, as Community Support Manager Leisa Doherty, experiencing the worst turbulence she’s ever encountered, found her arm gripped savagely as a Legatee’s voice cried “I don’t want to die, Leisa!”

Follow this link to watch some adventure camp footage.

Safely on ground again, the troops made their way to Camp Good Enough in the Tweed region, to be greeted at 11:30pm by a cheery welcoming committee. After a big day of joyful reunions and adventurous activities, the camp consensus remained that the highlight of Monday was Leisa being piddled on by a possum. The event quickly become the stuff of legend, so much so that it was immortalised in song, performed with relish on the final night. The creativity of our Legatees never lets us down!

Tuesday was a trip to Movie World (big thanks to Shine Lawyers for helping to make this happen!) The day was a spectacular success, enjoyed by everyone from the smallest to the tallest, and had the kids arriving back to camp after dark, excited but exhausted. On Wednesday every single Legatee took the Leap of Faith, a (safety-harnessed) jump from a terrifyingly tall structure, testament to the good will and energy created by a group of the most positive people we can think of. (Follow the QR code on this page if you’d like to see a little footage).

Overall, fun was had, connections were re-established, and all of our young Police Legatees found themselves held once more by the Police Family. We’ll leave you with some words that express a sentiment echoed by pretty much everyone. “Camp is a safe space where you can see friends that are like your family.”