Inclusion of Special Constables

June 2017

As a part of their 30th Anniversary celebrations, NSW Police Legacy recently announced that their support now includes Special Constables of the NSW Police Force. The move marks an important milestone for the NSW Police Force charity, and one that arose from the need to develop a greater understanding of the contemporary nature of policing, following the murder of Mr Curtis Cheng in October 2015 at the NSW Police Force Headquarters in Parramatta. 

This significant decision ensures the 235 Special Constables tasked to specialist units throughout the State will also benefit from the financial assistance and caring support provided by NSW Police Legacy should they require them.

“Following the murder of Mr Curtis Cheng in October 2015 at the NSW Police Force Headquarters, Parramatta, the courageous actions of a number of Special Constables in challenging the offender and moving to protect the public and police officers drew substantial attention to their duties and the significant risks they face in their sworn duties.

"This tragic incident enabled the charity to examine our Constitution and the broader definition of ‘police family’. We also recognise that Special Constables are very much part of the ‘police family’ and have taken the same sworn oath, putting themselves at risk and in danger to protect and serve the community, our parliamentary and judicial institutions, and importantly our own police facilities and all who work within.”