Inaugural Over 18s Camp

April 2019

At the end of February we held our first ever 18-25 year old reunion camp, on Cockatoo Island in the middle of Sydney Harbour. Speaking with people after the event, it seems fair to say that a sensational time was had by all. We had about twenty people camping over the two nights, including Paul Martin and former camp supervisor John Carter, and honorary young person Steph Carde. Others who couldn’t stay for the whole weekend dropped in for a BBQ on Saturday. 

Our sources (thanks Steph!) tell us there was a lot of volleyball, some vicious UNO playing, some early morning karaoke singing, but mostly just a lot of hanging out and talking. The bonds of police family are still so strong with these young adults, and they loved the chance to catch up and renew them. A special award goes to Police Legatee Olivia Heinjus, who holds the official title of Most NSW Police Legacy Camps Attended, at twenty-two and counting! She’s been going since she was 8-years-old, and with our plan of holding the 18-25 camp annually from now on, her hold on the title looks pretty solid. Big thanks go to Olivia Anderson for her role in organising such a fun weekend, and we all look forward to 2020.