Fundraising Updates: Sept 2019

September 2019

As always, there are a host of good people out there who are prepared to put themselves forward to support their friends, their family, or their police family!

Just a few weeks ago the Taree Paver Project was launched, and created immediate interest in the community. The project will build a “Police Legacy Walk” as part of the rebuild of the Taree Police Station, and allows current or former NSW Police serving in the region, or members of the public, to buy and inscribe a brick. It’s a fantastic initiative, and you can read all the details or buy a brick through this website.

In August, in a special partnership between Police Association NSW, Police Bank, Police Legacy, and GWS Giants, the Giants put on a special deal for Police Legacy family, giving people access to cheap tickets as well as donating funds to us. We call that a win, regardless of the final score!

And as always, look on the Community Fundraising Events page on our website for all the latest fundraisers being held for and by the very special members of our Police Family.