From the Chair: Sept 2021

September 2021

There is no doubt about it: we are still in the midst of the pandemic that just keeps on giving. With the July restrictions in place we unfortunately had to cancel a lot of events that were planned for our younger Police Legatees in the school holidays. This was disappointing for all, but can I thank you all for being understanding and supportive of our staff here at Police Legacy. Obviously, a lot of work goes into planning these events, and when we must cancel or postpone due to Covid restrictions our team members are also disappointed. It is important that we all stay positive and keep supporting each other through these unusual times.

Recently we have strengthened our bonds with the Police Association of NSW and Police Bank by entering into formal partnership agreements with each party. Both organisations have pledged their ongoing generosity and support of NSW Police Legacy. These partnership agreements are integral to the stability and future growth of Police Legacy, and we are very appreciative of their social giving that improves the wellbeing of our Legatees. These partnerships highlight the social impact these organisations have for the Police family.

Some good news is that prior to the Covid restrictions preventing travel I was able to get out to Dubbo for our first Social Connection Luncheon in the region. The lunch was a fabulous opportunity to connect with our police widows and was enjoyed by all. Through the good work of our Community Support Officer Nicole Hawick in bringing these ladies together, it is envisaged that we will continue to hold a regular luncheon in the area.

This lunch will no doubt have the support of the new District Commander at Dubbo, Superintendent Danny Sullivan. Danny has been a great supporter of Police Legacy in the Newcastle area for many years and will be sorely missed by the Newcastle network, as Danny regularly hosted lunches at Belmont Police station. We wish Danny all the best in his new Command and we look forward to connecting him with the local network.

I am remaining very positive, and I look forward to seeing everyone at our Christmas luncheon which is well into the planning stages. In the meantime, if you need support, please reach out to our team as we all need to stay together to get through these challenges.