COO's Report: June 2020

June 2020

In writing this report for the newsletter I am reminded that we are stronger, safer and healthier when we come together in moments of joy and celebration, and also in crisis.

Over the past months we have experienced many challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic and the sadness of hearing of the tragic loss of four police officers in Melbourne. These events took us by surprise and challenged our minds and hearts. Our reactions, thoughts and feelings as individuals are varied but the NSW Police Legacy family have responded collectively by staying connected and supporting each other.

Whilst we have been practicing social distancing we have found alternative ways to connect with you. The Community Support and the Back Up for Life teams have replaced face to face communication with telephone and video calls.

Working remotely has provided the opportunity to adapt and in some circumstances enhance our business processes through technology. I am proud of our team and the way they have supported each other and found ways to continue to support the NSW Police Legacy family during these turbulent times.

Although it is hard to feel celebratory with the tough times of late, our hope is that the June 2020 Newsletter will provide a much needed refocus on our moments of joy and celebration.

There are a lot of jokes going around about Gen Z’s and Millennials trying to convince their Boomer parents to stay inside. Of course my fourteen year old daughter who affectionately calls me Boomer thinks the jokes are hilarious. On a personal level I have found social distancing, isolation, working from home, and hearing about situations where families are impacted by the loss of one or more income or mental health issues at times simply confronting. However, I have enjoyed the fact that my daughter wants to spend more time interacting with me because she can’t see her friends, and I have enjoyed the challenge of thinking about the best ways to adapt to meet the circumstances that life is throwing our way.

I have smiled at stories from NSW Police Legacy families and the creative ways they are keeping connected and staying healthy. Simple things like cooking favourite family recipes, playing board games, video calls and going on a walk or bicycle ride together have taken on more meaning for all of us.

Please stay safe and stay connected.