COO's Report Dec 2021

December 2021

2021 has been another challenging year. Our plans were interrupted, and many of us faced a long and difficult separation from loved ones. One of the foundations of our service is providing connection. With all face-to-face visits and events cancelled for several months, online service delivery provided alternative ways to support legatees. Whilst we embraced the technology, we were frustrated that we could not see our legatees in person, and legatees were frustrated that they could not physically catch up with each other.

The team has certainly been excited about the relaxing of lockdown restrictions and the opportunity to recommence our events. Nevertheless, I am mindful that lockdown had a significant impact on health and wellbeing, and for some legatees it has been difficult to adjust. Please reach out to us if you are struggling, and we will connect you to the support you need.

Despite their own challenges our supporters have continued to demonstrate their support particularly with our online fundraising appeals. This highlights the social importance of the work we do and the generosity of the wider community in giving, even when we are all faced with uncertainty.

Reflecting on the year there have been many meaningful moments such as the January Kids Camp, the awarding of scholarships and education grants, and the acknowledgement of the service and supreme sacrifice of Senior Constable Kelly Foster VC at the COVID-restricted Remembrance Day Service. These and many other moments remind us that although the pandemic has impacted the way we do business it has not changed our purpose.

As we draw near to end of the year and begin to think about 2022, I am reminded once again that change is inevitable. I am proud that we continue to grow and evolve. I am particularly excited that we are embarking on an increase of services and programs for our youth legatees to ensure they are well supported into their adult lives. The challenges of moving into adulthood are complex, and it is no longer appropriate to taper our support when a young person turns 18, as this is when they navigate what can be the most difficult period of their lives in finding self-identity and direction.

Throughout 2021 the team at NSW Police Legacy have supported with resilience and kindness – a committed team effort by a dedicated and fully vaccinated team. We look forward to 2022 and we look forward to returning to all legatee activities and fundraising events that are important in keeping you connected. On behalf of the team, I wish you a Merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing more of you in 2022.