From the Chief Operating Officer

October 2018

Your charity has grown. You have most likely noticed it. And we have changed in a changing charity environment. Scandals have brought a renewed focus on governance and compliance. If we don’t take heed of these changes we will be left behind… and be unable to assist our Police family in a modern and responsive way.

It is a common misconception that the percentage of charity’s expenses that go to administrative costs is an ‘overhead’, rather than necessary costs associated with running a business. Focussing on this without considering the other dimensions of a charity’s financial and organisational performance is deceiving. It will fluctuate, particularly at times when the Board choose to invest for a future return.

Over the last couple of years, the Board has resolved to invest in new or enhanced benefits and services, staff, technology and training. The Board has also managed significant financial fluctuations and investment to ensure our future sustainability. We have moved from simply ensuring we meet budget to thinking as well about the future needs of the charity, and that requires both financial and social acumen.

For those who recently participated in our survey, I extend a sincere thank you. It has provided us with excellent feedback and very positive ratings across all the questions. It has also provided us with further avenues to pursue to ensure a broad range of required services are available to our beneficiaries.

Thank you to the past and current Boards, the volunteers who assist us in getting the job done, and the committed staff who consistently go beyond the call of duty. It’s been very much a roll-up-your-sleeves approach that has served the charity well to date, and has been essential to lead and support the extraordinary growth we have realised in the last 5 years. Both the Board and staff embraced change and came along willingly for the often tumultuous ride, to settle in a place that is now more mature, more stable and current, and where we all believe we make a difference.

Social connection, compassion and community are important predictors of health and wellbeing. They are also the values of our charity. By working towards these values our aim is to build a strong, resilient and charitable police family. This is why NSW Police Legacy exists.