Commissioner's Scholarships 2019

October 2019

We are delighted to present the recipients of the Commissioner’s Scholarships for 2019: Olypmia Plummer, Amalia Plummer, and Ewen Brotherson.

Olympia (17) and Amalia (15) are the daughters of the late Leading Constable Christopher Plummer, who died in May 2013. Chris left behind his wife Juliet, and four daughters – Olympia, Amalia, Gypsy (10) and Aaliyah (9). Both Olympia and Amalia are busy and dedicated young sportswomen, and we look forward to seeing them seize this opportunity.

Ewen Brotherson (18) is the son of the late student Police Officer Robert Brotherson, who died when Ewen was just one year old. Robert left behind his wife Melissa and sons Ewen and Blake (19). Ewen is a dedicated high school student who will be undertaking his HSC next year, and regularly contributes to the community through Surf Lifesaving NSW.

All three worthy young police legatees receive $2,000, and our heartfelt congratulations.