Chair's Report March 2024

March 2024

December’s inaugural Family Camp was wonderful. Around 130 Legatees, staff, and board members camped at Glenworth Valley, with Legatees from 1-78-years-old taking part. We BBQed, put up tents, built a fire, cooked marshmallows, danced with Santa, made firm friends, rode horses, drove quad bikes, fell off the bucking bull, got rained on, laughed, and made beautiful memories with our Police Family. Thank you for being the very best of sports and attending this brand-new event.

I drove from camp to the Academy to get ready for my son’s Attestation. I was thrilled to see Eric awarded the Timothy Proctor Award for his Police Driver Training. Watching Legatee Diane Proctor speak about her husband Tim and the impact he had as a police officer reminded me of my son’s character. As Dianne handed Eric his award, I was so proud of him and so proud of the NSW Police Force for honouring our beloved departed Police Officers at important milestones and events along their Police journey.

Sadly, the end of the year also brought great tragedy to our Police Family, with a number of Police losing their lives so very close to Christmas. These families are in our hearts and prayers as they work through 2024 and beyond.

Our January Kids’ Camp was held at Lake Keepit near Tamworth, with 41 Legatee children attending, and fantastic support from our Champions of NSW Police Legacy. When they first lined up at the Central Station country platforms, the kids were greeted by friendly police dogs arranged by our Champion at Dog & Mounted Command. They were also met by our Champions from Police Transport Command who travelled part of the way on the train, with one officer getting on near Newcastle and bringing fresh homemade brownies for all!

The next day, members of the NSWPF Women’s Police AFL Blue Heelers Leadership Program attended, with Champion of Transformation Command Asst Commissioner Gelina Talbot to teach and play AFL with the kids. On Saturday, Oxley PD Champion Sgt Brian Pegus organised a jam-packed day of everything policing. The way Oxley PD and supporting commands came together to make the day into something huge for the kids was wonderful. There were smiles on faces all day. From the off-road rides, abseiling, patting police dogs, playing pursuits in the Highway Patrol cars, right through to being Water Rats on the boats, flying along on jet skis, and Tactical Operations displays – wow, wow, wow! It was nothing less than spectacular. NSW Police Legacy are touched by the generosity of all that participated.

Our Blue Ribbon Ball is swiftly coming up on 23 March. I can’t wait to watch the amazing Phil Burton from Human Nature, a beloved Legatee, strut his stuff. I am so looking forward to seeing again the incredible display arranged to honour the memory and bravery of passed police officers, initiated 22 years ago for Senior Constable Glenn McEnallay VA.  

I am also looking forward to this year’s Sydney Metro 1000, where our Champion of Liverpool PAC Sgt Leemon has again organised racing at Picton Karting Track on 15 March for the (Snr Cst) Kelly Foster VA Trophy. Further along in the year, Champion of Traffic & Highway Patrol Sgt Planinic and his team have arranged for Beat the Blue to return to Sydney Motorsport Park on 29 June. I’m truly looking forward to seeing the amazing cars in the “Show & Shine”, and Highway Patrol hopefully retaining their position as best on track against members of the public vying for the title. 

Be well.