Chair's Report Dec 2021

December 2021

In preparation for writing my December report I read over what I had to say this time last year, and it started to look like the year had repeated itself. We are going through crazy times, but at least now we can see the end in sight with the help of vaccinations and a lot of hard work by our police and health professionals in keeping our communities safe.

We look forward to seeing you all next week at the Christmas Luncheon. Some of us we will also front up on the Saturday for the Kids’ Christmas party at Luna Park which will be great fun for all. Hopefully I will also get the opportunity prior to the Christmas Luncheon to get up to a couple of the Far North Coast Christmas lunches and spread the cheer and catch up with all.

We are also looking forward to our kids’ adventure camp in mid-January at Broken Bay. This will be the camp that will mean we are back on the road to normality, particularly after we had to cancel our July Camp. It will be 12 months since everyone has had the chance to get together, so we are very much looking forward to seeing all the happy faces. I am sure Paul Martin will once again be hosting free fishing lessons at the camp.

Recently, in recognition of the hard work and commitment of the NSW Police keeping the community safe through the pandemic, Commissioner Fuller was given the privilege of designing the NRL Premiership ring, in conjunction with Affinity Diamonds. In return, he was given a pair of diamond earrings, which he gave to us to auction, raising over $6,000 for NSW Police Legacy. Can I just acknowledge the generosity of Affinity Diamonds and the Commissioner.

We are now well into the planning for our 2022 Blue Ribbon Ball, to be held on 26 March at the ICC. This will mark 20 years since our first ball, held after Cst Glenn McEnally VA was tragically shot at Eastlakes. By having the ball we have been able to keep Glenn’s legacy alive, and the legacy of all those who will be remembered and never forgotten.

Can I ask that we spare a thought for the new probationary Constables from Classes 348 and 349, who due to COVID restrictions were not able to have a passing out parade in front of their families and friends. The workload for students at the College is significant, and all who are attested have worked extremely hard, so we congratulate you all and wish you a fulfilling career with NSW Police. Finally, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Covid free 2022, and I look forward to catching up with you all.