Beat the Blue: Sept 2021

For more than four years now, a small and dedicated band of motor enthusiasts have been raising funds for NSW Police Legacy. Their first gathering was a few friends at a local takeaway, hanging out in the carpark and chatting, and throwing the odd coin in the bucket. That first night, the grand total of $118.72 was raised for us (Editor’s note: who had the copper coins? Why?!)

These events have grown in scope and scale, and to date more than $50,000 has been raised, including from the spectacular Beat the Blue main event, held on a chilly winter’s night at Sydney Motorsport Park in 2019.

The follow up event was cancelled last year, and after a huge amount of work by the organisers to keep the flame alive this year, we're very sad to have to report that Beat the Blue has been cancelled for 2021 due to the ongoing COVID situation. After all the work that's gone into this incredible event, and all the work that went into setting up a later date, we know the team must be gutted. But we also know, because of their strength and determination, and their desire to help the Police Family, that it will happen again. And we guarantee that when it does, it's going to be truly spectacular!

In the meantime, the team are still running their raffle, and have merch for sale, with all proceeds coming to NSW Police Legacy.
You can buy raffle tickets here.
And merchandise here