Beat the Blue 2023

June 2023

For the second sensational year in a row, Beat the Blue brought the crowds out in their thousands and the cars out in their glory.

For those of you asking the obvious question, the answer is everybody. Everybody won!  Everyone who came out on a chilly Saturday evening in May to enjoy the atmosphere, everyone who wandered through the spectacular array of vehicles on display at the Show’n’Shine, everyone who left the donut stands with a warm bag full of cinnamony goodness to share with their family, and everyone who lapped up the spectacle of the NSW Police Force Highway Patrol Vs Community Members going their hardest on the skid pan!

It was an incredible night, with an incredible turnout, and more than $28,000 was raised by the hardworking Beat the Blue team for our Police Family. Special thanks must go to the brains and the heart behind the event, Champion of NSW Police Legacy Sgt Steven Planinic, who’s been building this event into something truly incredible for many years now.

(And for those of you who need the Official Tally out of 99 races? It was Police 78 Vs Community 21. We’re calling it for The Blue, but then, we would, wouldn’t we?)