BACKUP for Life Update: June 2020

June 2020

This update comes to you at a challenging time, and although it was disappointing to postpone a number of our Holistic Health and Wellbeing and Career Confidence programs, along with the Beyond the Badge Program, we look forward to getting back to regular programming when we can.

Both Richard and I have been busy assisting our transitioning and former officers and their families with requests for counselling and career guidance as well as general support. Likewise our state-wide mentors have been out in the field supporting their local police families, and keeping in touch with telephone support and general welfare checks. Staying connected is our priority and we are happy to assist with questions or concerns, or to connect mentors.

In particular, this is a good time for those transitioning and former police who haven’t already submitted a Career Incentive Application. Information can be found about this initiative on our website. Anyone considering applying is welcome to call for advice and support in regards to the process.

We will be running another round of mentor training towards the end of 2020, so please consider submitting an expression of interest via the Police Legacy Website if you are interested in becoming a Backup for Life Mentor.

Stay safe and stay well.

Esther Mckay, Project Manager BACKUP for Life