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NSW Police Legacy Redbubble Store

06 June 2024

Wear your support! Click through to the official NSW Police Legacy Redbubble store to see our complete range of merchandise, including t-shirts, hoodies, caps, bucket hats, water bottles, phone cases, and more!

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Volunteer Training Day Oct 2018

03 December 2018
Approximately 30 people attended our second Volunteer Day at the Balmain Marine Area Command, including NSW Police Legacy and AFP Legacy staff, BACKUP for Life mentors, and NSWPL volunteers.
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Mounted Unit Open Day 2018

02 December 2018
We had a great crowd at the Mounted Unit Open Day in Redfern last month! With close to 2,000 people through the historic red brick gates, we had a wonderful time chatting with families and spreading the word about Police Legacy.
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Police Boxing 2018

21 November 2018
With thirty fighters getting into the ring in support of our Police Family, the 2018 Police Boxing Gala Fight Night was bigger and better than ever!
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Chair's Report October 2018

03 October 2018
"It’s hard to believe this is only my second Chair’s Report. NSW Police Legacy is a busy and productive organisation, and I’ve had to hit the ground running to keep up."
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From the Chief Operating Officer

03 October 2018
"Your charity has grown. You have most likely noticed it. And we have changed in a changing charity environment. Scandals have brought a renewed focus on governance and compliance. If we don’t take heed of these changes we will be left behind… and be unable to assist our Police family in a modern and responsive way."
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