18-25 Camp 2021

June 2021

The 18-25 year old camp was held in March at Glenworth Valley, a picturesque hidden gem on the Central Coast. There were more than twenty five young adult legatees in total and they came from all over the state and from interstate, showing us just how important our social and networking events are for this group.

People started to arrive on site after lunch on Friday, with Cain and Darcy Anderson putting in a strong effort to help pitch the tents (an effort that was somewhat overshadowed by the Riddel family arriving a little later in their Winnebago!) Our new camper trailer very quickly became the focal point of our campsite, providing both coffee and charging stations for devices – two vital ingredients!

Our legatees had mostly not seen each other for more than 18 months, since the dreaded COVID restrictions set in, and they were definitely ready to enjoy the weekend, as a campsite full of laughter and practical jokes quickly demonstrated.

On Saturday morning half of the group went horse riding while the other half went abseiling, joining forces in the afternoon to swim in the river. In the evening we had a campfire, with plenty more stories being told and catching up being done. As people started to go to bed the storm was coming in, and plenty of us woke to minor flooding in our tents.

Pack up was done in the rain, but nothing could dampen the spirits of our young legatees, and there was lots of laughter and promises to return next year for another fun weekend.