Community Fundraising Events

More than fifty fundraising events are held each year by individuals and community groups working under the auspices of NSW Police Legacy. Some of the events are designed to raise funds for a particular individual who is going through a trying time in their life, while others are organised by people who simply want to raise funds for the Police Family, and realise that holding an event through NSW Police Legacy is a great way to do so. 

There is a list below of some of these events/fundraisers - click on the links for more information or if you would like to donate.

And remember, if you would like to hold an event through NSW Police Legacy, you just need to download the Authority to Fundraise form and register your event - all forms and details are available on the Fundraising Page.



Aaron Vidal Appeal

Back to Barrier Paver Project

The Kieren Mates Appeal

Kate Stephens Appeal

Knowles Family Appeal

Aabriti Adhikari Appeal